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Waterfalls Near Byron Bay

Morning sun filtering through the leaves at Killen Falls

Byron Bay is world famous for its pristine beaches.
After a lot of fun in the surf, at some point we recommend you put aside your flip flops, pull out your walking shoes and head to the hills for one of the region’s most enjoyable activities – chasing waterfalls.

There are plenty of breathtaking waterfalls, which can be accessed through various trails. What you experience will of course depend on the time of year, how much rainfall there’s been (it goes without saying falls are more impressive after a deluge!) and the temperature.

Be well prepared by checking on the weather conditions beforehand. And don’t forget to pack a hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, plenty of water, snacks …and a generous spirit of adventure.

Here’s a snapshot of some waterfalls near Byron Bay well worth checking out.

View of Minyon Falls from clifftop lookout a waterfall near byron bay

1) Minyon Falls

Where: Nightcap National Park (Bangalow)
How far: a 50-minute drive from Elements of Byron
What to expect: a mix of easy and challenging walks

There’s something mystical about standing beneath a falling (with any luck, raging) sheet of water, soaking up the spray on your face amid a primeval rainforest. That’s what makes Minyon Falls one of the area’s most legendary waterfalls with visitors and locals.

The falls can be found in the eastern part of Nightcap National Park in the World Heritage-listed Gondwana rainforest. It’s the traditional land of the Bundjalung People and the world’s largest area of subtropical rainforest!

Not only are you treated to spectacular views, and the option of viewing the 100-metre-or-more waterfall either from the bottom or top. There’s also plenty of nature spotting to be done.

Lyrebirds, rare frogs, masked owls, regent bowerbirds, carpet pythons, goannas and kookaburras make up just some of the colourful cast of creatures who inhabit this majestic forest. Also keep an eye out for the nightcap oak tree, which can grow up to 40 metres high.

For a leisurely walk, head to the Minyon Falls picnic area. From the carpark, it’s a short and easy stroll to the lookout. On a clear day, you’ll have spectacular views all the way out to the coast.

If you’re seeking more of a thrill and an amazing swimming hole to cool off in, head to the base of Minyon Falls. Make sure to follow the big boulders right to the bottom. Give yourself 3-4 hours for the return trip, there’s plenty to see along the way.

The Minyon Falls trail is a 13km return trip and includes steep paths so remember to pack some water and snacks. Your hard work will be well rewarded by immersion in nature at her most awe-inspiring best.

Treat yourself after your hike with a stop off in the quiet village of Federal. Join the locals at Doma. Be surprised by the modern Japanese flavours in a rustic Australian village setting.

Here’s what you need to know for a trip to Minyon Falls.

Explore some other walks in Nightcap National Park.

View of Killen Falls Waterfall near byron bay from rock alcove at foot of falls

2) Killen Falls

Where: Killen Falls Drive (Tintenbar)
How far: a 25-minute drive from Elements of Byron
What to expect: a mix of short walks

Located between Byron Bay and Ballina, Killen Falls is a great spot in a stunning piece of Australian bush.
Look for the signs heading north from the sleepy little village of Tintenbar. You might want to pick up some snacks or something light for lunch from the excellent Harvest Deli to bring with you.

The highlights at Killen Falls are a 10-metre waterfall, a refreshing swimming hole (on Emigrant Creek) and cave-like rocks which form a dramatic backdrop to the falls.

The flora here is also worth noting. Killen Falls is in one of the remaining areas of intact Big Scrub local rainforest in the area.
According to Big Scrub Landcare, this type of rainforest covered Australia 40 million years ago and forms “a very important part of Australia’s rich biodiversity heritage”.

However, European settlement has unfortunately led to significant clearing. Today, less than one percent remains as scattered remnants across the landscape!

Once you get to the car park (please note, parking is limited so it may be worth visiting during the week), you can either take a short, easy walk to the dam or another to a viewing platform overlooking the falls.

For a plunge in the swimming hole, or to get massaged by the waterfalls, take the dirt trail down the last bit. It’s steep and rocky, and can be slippery after rain, so take care. Another reason many people make the effort to make the 15-minute or so walk down is to sit in the cave behind the cascades and relax without getting wet.

There are rocks at the base of the pool, so it might be more comfortable to wear shoes if you want to have a dip. You can even snorkel here as there are plenty of large fish.

If you’re lucky, you might spy a turtle! Once a locals’ secret, the word is out on Killen Falls, to the delight of many visitors.

3) Marom Falls

Where: Dalwood Road (Rous)
How far: about a 50-minute drive from Elements of Byron
What to expect: accessible only after hiking through a well-worn path across a paddock

Marom Falls (or Marom Creek Falls) is a wildcard entry for its off-the-beaten-track vibe and immense beauty.

The falls themselves are stunning, and the plunge into the large swimming hole after the walk there is just as rewarding. Park along the side of the road, cross to the other side of the fence and walk down to the base of the falls on an easy rock face. It should take about 15 minutes.

Don’t be surprised if you see people jumping into the water from the edge of the cliff.

Seeking a rush of adrenalin yourself? Check out our guide to more adventure activities in Byron.

4) Natural Bridge

Where: Springbrook National Park
How far: 1 hr 15 mins
What to expect: two unforgettable natural experiences – by day and by night

Springbrook National Park is home to two of the most beautiful natural experiences in Australia. One amazing walk offers two diverse experiences. During the day the walk brings you to a vast bridge carved by hundreds of years of pressure from the waterfall. Take photos of the waterfall from inside the cave as a special memory to take home with you.

Take this same walk at night and stop to turn your torch off and gaze upwards. You’ll find the roof of the caves dotted with the glow of worms that produce a blue-green bioluminescent light.

A one hour and 20-minute drive from Byron Bay, this trip simply should not be missed.

Leave no trace. One of the most important lessons we can learn from nature is how to connect with it in a way that celebrates the very reason that you want to see it, and doesn’t do anything to harm it. Plan your trip well to ensure you are self-sufficient and can leave the area as you found it.

Want more inspiration for things to do in Byron Bay? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Byron Bay.

Want more inspiration for things to do in Byron Bay? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Byron Bay.

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