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Top 5 Things to do in Byron Bay for October

Beachgoers at the Pass

We hate to brag, but Spring really is stunning here in Byron Bay.

October is a great month for families and couples to visit thanks to near-perfect weather and less hustle and bustle than during the summer months. The sun shines, the ocean shimmers, the days are warm and the nights are comfortable.

We’ve put together some of the best of Byron for October, including tips on how to make the most of the school holidays here. So what are you waiting for? Discover our top things to do in Byron Bay in springtime.

1) Summer Comes Early in Byron

With temperatures averaging in the mid-twenties throughout October, Byron Bay is an amazing place to get ahead and kick-start those summer vibes while it’s still Spring.

Making the most of the warmer weather is easy with plenty of beautiful beaches and fantastic day trips to choose from here in Byron Bay. There are also some wonderful waterfalls if you’re feeling adventurous, including Killen Falls, which is the perfect spot to cool off.

If you’re looking to fall straight out of bed and onto a poolside sun lounger, here at the resort, our Central Lagoon Pool is one of the best places to catch some early summer rays.

Sit back and relax with your feet in shimmering water kept the perfect temperature all year round. Swing lazily on a hanging daybed under brilliant blue skies. Or enjoy some shade and peace and quiet while stretching out with a good book in a private cabana.

What’s more, with full poolside service available between 10am – 5pm, you can enjoy an early summer’s day without ever leaving the poolside. Let bar snacks, bowls, smoothies and cocktails come to you!

two girls at the pool

2) Unforgettable School Holidays

Schools’ are out across Australia from late September to mid-October and Byron Bay is an ideal place to come for a family holiday. When it comes to fun-packed school holiday adventures, Byron Bay has it covered.

There are so many fun things to do with kids in Byron Bay, the hardest bit will be trying to cram it all in! One day you could go on a sea kayaking adventure, spotting dolphins and sea turtles along the way. The next day could be spent heading out to the hinterland for trails brimming with wildlife and native flora.

At Elements of Byron, there’s an all-natural kids’ adventure playground to explore. Purpose-built and parkour-inspired, this challenging agility course is located in the resort’s Eucalypt forest. Elsewhere, you’ll find giant chess and bocce, a tennis court and the expansive Central Lagoon Pool where there’s space for everyone.

There is also a Kids’ Club offered on-resort during most school holiday periods. Your kids will love playing with other kids, while you can rest assured they’re well taken care of by friendly, highly experienced staff. This gives you a chance to reconnect with yourself and your partner – after all, it’s your holiday too! Why not treat yourself to a pampering treatment at Osprey Spa or a blissful afternoon by the Adults Exclusive Pool.

These are just a few ideas to get you started, here, we’ve round-up more of the best family day trips in Byron Bay.

Breeching whale Byron Bay

3) Last Chance to See the Whales

Up to three tours daily, seven days a week.

A highlight every year in Byron Bay is the unforgettable sight of humpback whales migrating first north then south between June and November.

By October in Byron Bay, they’re swimming south with their newborns in tow, making it the ideal time to head out into the big blue to try and spot them. Whales with babies in their wake typically travel slower and play more, plenty of opportunities to see these magnificent creatures up close.

For the best view, Out of the Blue Adventures offer whale-watching trips from Ballina, around half an hour south of the resort (they offer free transfers to/from the resort).

These eco-friendly tours ensure whales are left undisturbed while passengers enjoy 360º views from their modern vessel. What’s more, feel free to ask all the questions you’ve ever had about whales and the marine life in and around the Byron region, as every tour has a marine biologist on board.

Out of the Blue Adventures offers a range of exciting tours year-round, including whale and dolphin adventure tours in Byron Bay, marine park tours and peaceful journeys along the Richmond River. Find out more.

Turtle swimming

4) Discover the Vibrant World under the Waves

Up to three dives daily, seven days-a-week

While Byron Bay’s warmer ocean may have you casting aside your wetsuit, we’d recommend donning one and getting beneath the waves.

Diving in Byron Bay is the best way to discover the vibrant and diverse marine life that inhabits the bays around Australia’s most easterly point. At the meeting point of the Southern Ocean and Coral Sea, this underwater haven attracts a rare mix of colourful sea creatures and stunning corals from across the East coast.

Aside from the resident sea turtles, clown fish, starfish, nudibranchs and much more, you may be lucky to dive among manta rays, grey nurse sharks and leopard sharks.

Head for the famous Nguthungulli, commonly known as Julian Rocks. Regarded as one of Australia’s top dive sites, Julian Rocks is nestled in the Cape Byron Marine Park and is brimming with awe-inspiring marine life.

Find out more in our guide to diving in Byron Bay.

5) Byron Bay International Film Festival 2021

Even if you wouldn’t describe yourself as a film buff, it’s well worth checking out Byron Bay Film Festival, which will run from 15th to 24th of October this year.

Celebrating the power of storytelling through film and with a focus on raising social, cultural and environmental awareness, BBFF is a fantastic opportunity to catch some truly thought-provoking, beautifully shot films.

As well as groundbreaking feature films, you can also expect a program packed with documentaries, animation and short films, all of which support and celebrate local and international cinema.

Family Friendly Shorts, a selection of short films and animations, will entertain the whole family. Kids can meet the filmmakers and join in with a Q&A, too.

Fancy grabbing a bite to eat after the film? You’re spoilt for choice in Byron Bay, which has a wide range of lively bars and excellent eateries serving up wonderful fresh local and artisan food.

Want more inspiration for things to do in Byron Bay? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Byron Bay.

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