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Byron Bay Wellbeing: More than Yoga

Ocean swimmer

Renowned as a hub for yoga, Byron Bay’s wellbeing possibilities reach far beyond a relaxing Savasana.

In this idyllic coastal destination, outdoor activities thrive year-round. There is extraordinary surfing, kayaking and walking available, alongside other adventure and nature-based activities. But how about an ocean swim at sunrise or long cycle ride through the rolling hinterland hills?

We’ve unearthed some of Byron Bay’s alternative fitness options for you to enjoy, including quality conditioning sessions, MMA classes and triathlon training.

Let’s discover some other ways you can boost your wellbeing in Byron Bay.

BENDE Byron Bay

Suite 35 c2, Habitat, Porter Street, Byron Bay. Classes from around 6:30 am daily.

Located just 5 minutes’ walk from Elements of Byron, BENDE is a boutique Pilates studio in the Habitat complex.

The studio’s unique appeal is in the high-quality pilates and barre classes, (although yoga is also offered here). Focused on precise and conscious movements that build strength from the inside-out, these classes offer fantastic conditioning that sculpts and tones your body with mindfulness. There’s a full reformer studio—the machines that enable this deep work—as well as regular group mat-based classes.

For visitors, BENDE offers special 7-day holiday passes. Enjoy unlimited mat and reformer classes for just $70.

Boxing and Conditioning at The Academy Byron Bay

The Academy

12/74 Centennial Circuit, Byron Bay. Open classes Mon-Sat morning and evening.

Walk a little further through the Arts & Industry Estate and you’ll find a gym that spills out onto the pavement in summer with activities that may be too tempting to pass by.

The Academy is an MMA gym offering both specialist mixed martial arts training and open strength and conditioning classes. These classes include exercises with kettlebells, ropes and sledgehammers as well as your own body weight to build strength and work up a good sweat. The trainers are passionate and knowledgeable and the gym has an atmosphere that’s always lively.

And if you’re looking for some MMA-specific training, the gym offers Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing and other MMA sessions for a range of experience levels. They also offer all-inclusive holiday passes up to a month in length, so there’s nothing to stop you making The Academy your high-energy training destination.

Byron Tri Club

For some of us, one activity simply isn’t enough. If that sounds like you, Byron Bay has the perfect answer: triathlon.

Byron Tri is a local club of experienced triathletes and triathlon enthusiasts. The club, which is a partner of the Byron Bay Cycle Club, takes full advantage of their stunning training location—Byron Bay and its lush hinterland—to swim, run and cycle year-round, thanks to the faultless climate.

From daily ocean swims and swim/run sessions (2 days/week) to cycle rides into the hills or along the coast (6 days/week), it’s an active and social club that enthusiastically welcomes visitors and new members.

Find out more information via the club’s Facebook page.

Byron Tri and Byron Runners logos

Byron Bay Runners

As featured in our comprehensive guide to running in Byron Bay, another great option for visitors and locals alike is to head out for a run.

With plenty of beach, road and trail terrain options, running in Byron Bay is a year-round activity that rewards participants with great views as well as feeling great.

And if you prefer to run with a group, join one of the Byron Bay Runners’ weekly events. There are winter track sessions and summer strength and conditioning sessions, as well as year-round trail and road social runs. Find out more on their website.

Of course, if you’re seeking a more relaxing kind of wellbeing, head to Osprey Spa or check out our guide to wellness in Byron Bay.

Want more inspiration for things to do in Byron Bay? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Byron Bay.

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