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Best Yoga in Byron Bay

Getting to Elements of Byron

Yoga at Elements of Byron

Take a deep breath in, pause and discover yourself in the present moment. Breathe out and feel your worries wash away. If you wish to extend your yoga practice beyond the resort’s daily morning beachfront yoga (included in your stay), then read on.

Yoga in Byron Bay has grown rapidly since the late 1970s. Since then, it has expanded and evolved to become a central aspect of Byron Bay’s health and well-being culture.

Today, Byron Bay is a focal point for yoga in Australia. From drop-in beginners Vinyasa classes to early morning advanced Ashtanga courses and more modern methods that blend yoga and pilates practices, there’s a shala or studio to suit every kind of yogi here.

Discover our guide to the best yoga in Byron Bay.

Around the Corner

Within minutes of your Elements of Byron villa, there is a collection of premium yoga studios that combine ancient wisdom and modern practice.

Reformer Classes – Suite 35, Building C2, Habitat, 1 Porter Street, Byron Bay
Mat Pilates – Suite 43, Building C3, Habitat, 1 Porter Street, Byron Bay
Yoga – 16/5 Easy Street, Habitat, Byron Bay

At Bende you’ll find a home of mindful movement that combines yoga, yin, pilates, barre, reformer and rituals. Whichever experience you choose the ultimate goal for your Bende instructor is to get you out of your head and back into your body.

Founder Emma Seibold was the first instructor in Australia to create an organic fusion of barre and yoga. She is now a regular contributor to Vogue magazine.

Creature Yoga
11 Banksia Drive, Unit 6B, Byron Bay

Elevate your practice at a school of yoga that is grounded in thousands of years of remarkable tradition and housed in a beautiful, light-filled inspiring space. Creature Yoga is home to diverse, luminous, wise and kind teachers, who ensure that no two classes are ever the same.

Link your breath to movement through vinyasa. Restore physical and mental balance and restore through yin. Focus on breath and perfecting prana through hatha.

Heat Yoga
8A Grevillea Street, Byron Bay

Heat Yoga offers a diverse range of movement practice from traditional yoga, yin and progressive pilates to modern barre and high intensity interval training with the added dimension of heating the workout space.

A heated room creates a space that brings the mind to the present, gives your heart and lungs a harder workout and can improve your strength and flexibility.

In Byron Village

Only eight minutes’ drive from Elements of Byron, the heart of Byron village is freckled with studios teaching the fine art of mindful movement.

6 Byron Street, Byron Bay

A light-filled wellness hub that feels fresh and rejuvenating as soon as you enter, BodyMindLife delivers a diverse range of practices in a studio that is equipped with a state-of-the-art air filtration system and infrared heating to help you detoxify while you flow.

Whether you’re seeking to decompress and unwind or heat up, there is a style of yoga or pilates class to meet your needs and elevate your practice.

State of Salt
6/30 Middleton Street, Byron Bay

The State of Salt team understands that yoga is a tool for joy, growth and a life you love. So within the walls of this modern yoga and pilates studio you’ll find international wellness retreats, workshops and classes that welcome everyone.

State of Salt was inspired by founder Claudia Wareham’s time living in Los Angeles. She designed the space for inspiration – whether that is found looking at art on the walls, sipping organic tea post class or perfecting your flow.

2/142 Bangalow Road, Byron Bay

This spacious central Byron pilates studio is built around a welcoming community of like-minded people who support each other on their journey to health and happiness. Peaches was founded with the aim of creating a space of fun and inclusivity, whilst also challenging you in the best possible way.

Bamboo Yoga
74-78 Bangalow Road, Byron Bay

Deeply grounded in tradition, Bamboo Yoga is a boutique studio of modern design. Developed for students who are keen to explore and discover the incredible potential available through the practice of yoga.

Bamboo Yoga offers vinyasa, hatha, yin and meditation classes and the chance to elevate your flow or build a brand new career and life through teacher training. Practice yoga in bamboo tent style studios on the edge of the forest.

group studio yoga

In The Shire

Within an easy 15 to 20 minute drive from Elements of Byron, you can find yourself in character-filled hinterland townships home to purpose-driven yoga studios.

Yogalates Academy
72 Byron Street, Bangalow

Many years ago Louise Solomon first developed Yogalates Academy after experiencing an injury in the yoga room as a fledgling student. She ventured into a pilates room to strengthen her core and improve her yoga practice. And so a melting pot of practices was born in the form of Yogalates.

Improve body awareness and alignment to help develop proper movement patterns and strengthen core muscles and improve balance. The Yogalates Academy is located 15 minutes’ drive from Elements of Byron, in Bangalow.

HOV Yoga
5/10 Towers Drive, Mullumbimby

HOV Yoga is short for Heart of Vinyasa, the name of a steady-paced, intelligently sequenced form of yoga steeped in ancient wisdom. While its roots remain formally in the past, HOV’s approach is modern, optimising yoga practice with other movement forms like pilates.

Different class styles include power flow yoga, intenso conditioning, sculpt pilates and dharma talk, which is a meditation and discussion forum. Catering to every level of yogi from beginner to advanced, HOV strives to transform your body from muscle to soul.

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