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Self-Guided Wellness Turns Retreat into Journey

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When someone asks, “How are you?” It’s so easy for us to fall into automated politeness, “Good, thanks.”

But how often do we really think about how we are before answering this question? Indeed, how much time do we actually spend focused on improving our wellness?

Being well means something different to everyone. The trick is finding what works for you. What makes you feel that ‘all is well’?

The self-guided Wellness Solution

In the stunning natural beauty of Byron Bay, Elements of Byron was created with wellness at its heart. The pursuit of being well connects every fibre of this unsurpassed location with its wide range of facilities, genuine service, natural design and extensive regeneration.

Modern day life for many people can be intense and demanding. And we know that everyone’s path to wellness is different. So here at Elements of Byron we’ve made it easy for you to guide yourself through three phases of wellness.

A natural canvas for wellness, Elements of Byron provides spaces and experiences to address the physical, emotional, social, intellectual, environmental, spiritual and occupational dimensions of wellness.

You create wellness your way. Our self-guided approach to wellness supports you to take full advantage of everything on offer, and make your wellness journey your own.

Wellness experiences are designed to allow you, as our guest, the space to relax, rebalance and revive. The space to focus on three distinct wellness areas:

  1. Sleep
  2. Nutrition
  3. Spa

Rebalance Partners The Beauty Chef Antioxidant

Relax – slow, sleep, stillness

The first step in your wellness journey is – relax. This phase is about switching off, slowing down and letting go of the pressures of day to day life. Give your body, mind, heart and soul permission to rest.

The commitments of modern life can cause stresses that directly impact our wellbeing. Many of us live in a permanent state of anxiety. At best this sense of overwhelm causes lack of mental clarity and patience. At worst these forces accumulate in our bodies, manifesting as sleep challenges and illness in our lives.

Ways to Slow Down

Designed with wellness at its core, Elements of Byron is full of spaces and experiences designed to slow the mind and body, reconnect with ourselves, each other and nature.  

The simplest pleasures are often the best. Grab a copy of the latest edition of Elemental magazine (don’t miss its regular Wellness Guide) and read it as you laze in a hanging bed above the Central Lagoon Pool. Or lie back in a cabana and let the gentle sound of water lull you into a slower state of mind and have delicious food and drinks from Breeze Poolside Bar and Cafe delivered to you.

Or borrow a book from the resort library and head to the spacious day beds at Botanic Beach Club. Soak in the sounds of nature with expansive views of Belongil Beach and beyond, our vintage camper, Botanica Beach Lounge ready to refresh your palate. (Note that Botanica is open in the late afternoon in the warmer months)

Sleep, Glorious Sleep

Eliminate your sleep deficit with rituals that include specially designed king-sized beds, blackout curtains, a luxury Spell sleeping mask and louvred windows that allow the right amount of breeze and ocean sounds to lull you into sleep. In partnership with Sealey, Elements of Byron takes great pride in optimising the sleep environment with premium beds, designed for slumber.

Soak in the wisdom of Australia’s leading sleep expert, Olivia Arezzolo. In partnership with Elements of Byron, Olivia has contributed to comprehensive sleep advice offered through a mini wellbeing magazine, a complimentary gift for guests who book the wellness package.

Create your very own sleep ritual, a habit to take home and improve your long term wellness. Embrace a digital detox, turning off your devices an hour before bed. Soak in your luxury bathtub and allow thoughts of gratitude for the experiences of your day to sink in. 

Snuggle up in your bathrobe on the couch (or by the fire in winter months) before relaxing into buttery soft sheets and welcoming sleep.

Rebalance – Breathe, Focus, Reconnect

Once the body has slowed, it is time to rebalance. This phase is about reconnecting the mind, body and soul through a focus on breath and being present in the moment. 

The ability to focus breath calms the mind and body. The ability to focus the mind drives purpose and productivity. The ability to reflect increases self-awareness and gratitude.

Ways to Rebalance

Create a morning ritual full of positive wellness practices. Begin the day at Heart of the Bay at the First Light Club, which overlooks Belongil Beach. Beginners are most welcome at this complimentary yoga session that combines stretching and breathing practices with untouched natural beauty. If you’re lucky, during whale migration season (May – November) you might spot a whale swimming past.

Our onsite spa, Osprey Spa offers a series of signature body and facial treatments designed to rebalance the body through tension and muscle release tailored to your requirements. Our highly experienced professional therapists can recommend a massage or beauty treatment to suit your needs.

Rebalance in Nature

Be inspired, connect with and learn about nature on the Elements’ Guided Nature Walk. You’ll explore the resort’s four ecologies as your knowledgeable guide identifies a wide variety of native flora, including bush foods as well as resident wildlife and their habitats. 

Connect the mind and body with a friendly game of chess or boccé before winding down with a sunset stroll along Belongil Beach. At more than two kilometres in length, this pristine beach at the resort’s edge is untouched and a haven for birdlife, especially at Belongil estuary. 

Relaxation offers a greater access to feeling calmer and re-centred. Rebalancing returns the body to a central feel of wellbeing. However, it is revival that empowers the body to perform more optimally.

woman getting a massage

Revive – Move, Engage, Empower

Revival is the second phase in the wellness journey that engages, empowers and strengthens. It is in this phase that you’re able to feel more engaged, courageous and a little bolder, ready to meet life with renewed clarity and purpose.

This phase focuses on exercising the physical body through stretching and movement as well as  re-tuning the mind through experiences of awe and beauty.

Ways to Revive

Feel the bond of human and horse moving as one on a guided horse ride with Zephyr Horses. Located adjacent to Elements of Byron, the horse ranch rides through the forest that opens onto the shoreline as your horse steps out onto the beach. This is a rare and unforgettable experience. The kind that can evoke feelings of delight, awe and joy, which fuel our sense of wellbeing. 

Feel like working out at a time that suits you? Elements of Byron’s state of the art fitness centre enables you to build strength and cardiovascular ability. Or you can take your exercise outside with plenty of walking and running tracks and an on-resort outdoor fitness circuit, complete with work-out equipment.

Nutrition for Wellness

Indulging in new culinary experiences is an important part of every holiday. The same applies to your self-guided wellness retreat at Elements of Byron. 

With multiple on-resort dining outlets offering healthy eating you’ll be spoiled for choice. 

Executive Chef Ebony Baker and her culinary team take wellness to heart, curating menus that feature only the freshest local produce, including ingredients grown and foraged from within the resort grounds. 

One of the finest examples of Elements of Byron’s commitment to wellness nutrition can be enjoyed at the Azure Bar and Grill buffet breakfast. A generous offering of healthy and delicious dishes is offered alongside health elixirs made by The Beauty Chef, Carla Oates.

Try nourishing bowls and smoothies from Breeze Poolside Bar and Cafe or one of Ebony’s vegetarian or vegan dishes at Azure Bar and Grill.

Three Areas of Wellness Focus: One Destination

Elements of Byron is a nature-filled wellness destination on a stunning 50 acre site offering four distinct ecologies that support a wide range of purpose-built wellness experiences that relax, rebalance and revive.

Spend your entire retreat inside or sample a lifestyle that has Byron Bay recognised as one of Australia’s wellness hubs.

Byron Bay – Australia’s Wellness Hub

Byron Bay has long been considered Australia’s wellness hub. Locals and visitors alike appreciate what’s natural, nourishing and beautiful. The unique geography of this location – an ancient caldera meeting the Pacific Ocean – invites you to relax and explore stunning beaches, adventure on rainforest hikes and meander walking trails. Markets filled with locally-grown, organic produce provide regional eateries which offer some of the healthiest cuisine in the country.

And kissing Byron Bay’s Belongil Beach, lies the sanctuary of Elements of Byron. Arrive and immediately sense that wellness lives here. Leave knowing wellness lives within you.

Self-guided Retreat Builds Wellness Habits

In a country known for spa retreats and wellness weekends, Elements of Byron has cemented its reputation as a wellness destination with a unique approach through the three phases of wellness.

Combing an irreplaceable location bordering rainforests and the sea with purpose-designed wellness experiences, Elements of Byron offer self-guided wellness journeys, affording guests the freedom to choose how they focus on:

  1. Sleep
  2. Nutrition
  3. Spa

Wellness journeys slow the body and mind and rebalance to normalcy before reviving and empowering with the tools to live all aspects of life at a higher level.

Build practical and impactful wellness routines that you can take home with you for long term wellbeing benefit.

Explore Elements of Byron’s wellness offerings and start curating your path to wellness.

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