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Health Retreat Byron Bay – steps to relax, rebalance and revive

wellness retreat group yoga at Elements of Byron

Wellness retreats are no longer a trend, but a pilgrimage to relax, rebalance and revive the mind, body and soul.

Elements of Byron understands wellness. It’s individual. It means different things to different people.

Our Wellness Journeys offer a myriad of experiences that help renew the mind and body, and establish new habits for the future.

Being located in one of the wellness capitals of Australia, puts us in good company.

Relaxation – the first step in your Byron Bay wellness holiday

For the vast majority of us, one of the first things we want to do on holiday is relax. To leave the stress and worry of our everyday lives behind. To let go both in mind and body.

Byron Bay wellness holidays are renowned. But at Elements of Byron we take a more holistic approach to the wellness journey.

We aim to provide wellness experiences that offer lessons and practices that you can take home for long term benefits to your health.


Ways to Relax the Mind

Relaxing the mind can be the process of actively stopping worrying thoughts or channeling your concentration into one specific action.

This can often be achieved by focusing on simple actions based in nature such as a walk along Belongil Beach, finding stillness as you soak in your villa’s freestanding bath, gazing into the fire pit or standing still and listening to the sounds of the forest.

Enlighten the mind with new experiences by visiting the Crystal Castle and Shambhala Gardens. You’ll see the world’s largest and most beautiful natural crystal and still your mind as you wander through the ancient labyrinth.

Feel a sense of calm wash over you as you focus on the creative with a watercolor class surrounded by nature care of Byron Bay Art Workshops.


Ways to Relax the Body

Elements of Byron’s Osprey Spa is a beacon of wellbeing. As soon as you enter the tranquility of the space’s natural stone and wood design washes over you like a calming balm. 

Signature treatments are full-body experiences in relaxation and repair that are delivered by the hands of talented, hand-picked therapists. The Reviving Ritual will ground and relax the body with a foot bath, exfoliation and massage.

The Dreaming is a decadent experience that begins with a foot bath, followed by a full body polish and wrap, hydrating massage and indulgent facial. 

Learn about our full range of treatments here.

With the mind and body relaxed, we focus on the undeniable restorative power and long-term health benefits of sleep.

Woman sleeping in bed at Elements of Byron

Harnessing the Power of Sleep

Sleep has a very real and direct impact on our physical and mental health. If we lack quality sleep it takes a toll on our energy, productivity, emotional balance and can even impact our weight.

Too often unhealthy daytime habits can leave us tossing in our beds. Try these five habits to get in sync with your natural sleep cycle or circadian rhythm. Get the rhythm right and you’ll be sleeping like a baby.

  1. Go to sleep and get up at the same time – yes, even on the weekend.
  2. Get lit – pull the curtains open as soon as you wake and have your morning cup of coffee on a sunny balcony. Applying the same rule, limit bright screens and lights 1 to 2 hours before bed and make sure your room is dark when you go to sleep.
  3. Daytime naps can be restorative but keep them to 15-20 minutes otherwise they will impact your night time sleep.
  4. Avoid caffeine and energy drinks in the late afternoon.
  5. Wind down by stretching or meditation before bed.

Elements of Byron is designed to help you reset your sleeping habits. Villas are naturally calming spaces. The resort has commissioned special Sealy Posturepedic mattresses crafted by hand from renewable, luxurious natural cotton and bamboo fibres. Every fabric and stitch designed for optimum sleep.


Sleepwear and Aids

Uncomfortable sleepwear can cause you to wake throughout the night. Remedy it with the softest bamboo sleepwear from Bodypeace Bamboo Clothing on Fletcher Street.

Ayupotheca is a sacred healing space located in the Habitat precinct just minutes from Elements of Byron. Offering bespoke health consultations, herbal prescriptions, Ayurvedic massage and personalised detox programs, Ayupotheca supports better sleep with a holistic approach.

Also in the Habitat precinct, Astrid Health is Australia’s first female-led dispensary. The boutique specialty pharmacy was founded by a clinical pharmacist and bridges the gap between medical and holistic, plant-based medicines and skincare products.

Rebalance – tips to rebalance on your Byron Bay wellness holiday

After we’ve relaxed the mind and body, it’s time to rebalance. To discover the practices, movements and nourishment we need to feel an equilibrium between indulgence and recovery.


Meditation and Yoga

Meditation is about stilling the mind and awaking your channels of focus. Mediation is about balance. Transcendental Meditation Byron Bay teaches you how to turn a 20-minute daily practice into a habit for transformation.

Learn the essentials of meditation for beginners in the comfort of your own villa, by downloading a meditation application on your phone. We love Calm and Headspace. Both offer programs for beginners and even meditations design specifically to lull you into a glorious sleep.

Where Belongil Beach kisses Elements of Byron, join like-minded yogis to start the day with balance at the First Light Club.

Aerial of woman in pool at Elements of Byron

Hot and Cold Therapy

Give way to stillness and experience Australian first infrared sauna studio – Nimbus and Co.Relax as heating panels emit light that deeply detoxifies the body then re-ignite your energy in the cold pool.

A short bicycle ride from Elements of Byron, Social Remedy is wellness space that allows you to work out before speeding your recovery through infrared saunas, steam rooms and ice baths. 

Detoxify from the inside out at Trybe Wellness House with a peppermint oil infused infrared sauna before a 90 second plunge into the ice bath. It’s the yin and yang of hot and cold therapy with a touch of luxury.

Activate the nervous system and boost immunity in the European-inspired bathhouse The Banya in Mullumbimby. Hot and cold therapy is served alongside healthy, hearty dishes on expansive leather booths in The Dining Room.

Walking through the lush tropical foliage of Kiva Spa, you’ll be left in no doubt that this is Bryon’s original garden spa. The gardens are dotted with pools and spas accessible through tunnels of greenery. Four hot hydrotherapy spa pools, a wood fired sauna and steam room heat the soul while the plunge pool awakens the mind.

You’ll find a quiet place to rebalance a lot closer to your villa at Elements of Byron’s relaxing Adults Exclusive Pool. Hear the monologue of the world passing by hushed as you dive into the pristine water.

With a new feeling of lightness, it is time to reconnect to earth and nourish your body in one of Australia’s fine food capitals.


Nourishing your Rebalance

There is no argument that food plays an essential role in our wellbeing. In a region spoiled for rich earth, bountiful rain and sunshine, it’s no wonder Byron Bay’s thriving foodie culture extends to the wellbeing conscious.

Discover a countless array of vegetarian, vegan and well being focused food and beverage wrapped up in spaces of stylish decor, music and laughter in our guide to the healthiest restaurants in Byron Bay.

Dining out – in every form

Outside of the world of plant-based goodness and healing elixirs, Byron Bay has a foodie culture that has spurned just about every style of restaurant and flavour of cuisine that you could possibly desire. 

Check out these guides so you can make an informed decision:

Revive – tips to revive you on your Byron Bay wellness holiday

When we holiday well, we return home renewed and re-energise. We have relaxed. We have rebalanced. Now it is time to revitalise and strengthen our bodies, giving us the energy to take our lives to the next level.


Fitness Trainers and Classes

Byron Bay offers an incredible variety of fitness classes. Minimum fuss and maximum motivation, this is feel-good fitness at its finest. Read the ultimate guide about where to work out in Byron Bay here

If it’s a yoga or pilates styles studio that calls to your muscles, take your pick from Byron’s best yoga studios.

Step outside the gym and fitness studios and get outside with a pair of sneakers and a trail stretching out in front of you on one of Byron Bay’s best running routes.

Activities that Get the Blood Pumping

Feel at one with your horse as its hooves beat a rhythm against the wet sand. Birds soar above you and the sea breeze pushes your hair back. It feels like freedom. Zephyr horses offers tours from stables at Elements of Byron.

There is something about the saltwater that replenishes the soul. It reminds us of childhood holidays, sun kissed cheeks and saltwater hair. Byron Bay pulls in surfers of every level with reliable surf.

Challenge yourself in the swell of The Tallows or feel the thrill of catching your first wave at The Pass. The experts from Let’s Go Surfing offer the lessons you need with a relaxed, carefree spirit that will make you fall in love with the waves.

Stay on top of the water with a GoSea Kayaks tour. Watch as the colourful reef life of Cape Byron Marine Park swims under you or feel alive as dolphins surface alongside your kayak.

couple wellness retreat byron bay

Walk Your Way to Revitalisation

At Elements of Byron reviving your mood by exploring nature is as easy as stepping outside the door of your villa.

But you will be spoiled for choice with beach walks, easy forest trails or hinterland treks that challenge and inspire.

The iconic Byron Bay Lighthouse Walk is a 5km trail of undulating paths that encompasses an unforgettable coastal view and the white-washed face of the lighthouse. Allow 1-2 hours for completion.

For a longer walk, the Minyon Falls track is 7.5km of dirt track that meanders through rainforests and includes two beautiful waterfalls – the 100m drop of the Minyon Falls and the calmer Condong Falls with its inviting swimming hole at the top.

You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into the setting of a mystical novel when you sit in the cave under the cascading waters of Killen Falls. The 10 metre falls and swimming hole are a 25 minute drive and short walk from Byron Bay.

Find out more about our favourite walks and falls here.

Take the Gifts of your Byron Bay Wellness Holiday Home With You

There are three clear phases in the journey to feeling well. We begin with relaxation. We rebalance our body and mind. Then we revitalise ourselves, returning home with a feeling of empowerment that allows us to uplift our lives.

For every person the way they relax, rebalance and revitalise is different. A standardised health retreat cannot work for everyone. This is an individual journey.

With a bounty of activities, experts and natural assets, it is easy to see why Byron Bay is a health and wellness holiday capital.

At Elements of Byron we believe that wellness is a gift that should keep on giving. The true prize lies in learning how to take the lessons of wellness home with you and use them to build your best life.

Our five-night package combines luxury, private accommodation with spa and wellness treatments, yoga flows, nature and delicious nourishment.

Tread your own path to wellness in a luxury sanctuary purpose made for relaxation, reflection and rejuvenation. Book your Byron Bay wellness holiday here.

Want more inspiration for things to do in Byron Bay? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Byron Bay.

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