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Take Flight with Elements AIR

A couple being led to a helicopter by the pilot

See Byron Bay’s natural wonders from a new perspective with Elements AIR.

Around the globe, Byron Bay is revered for its untouched coastline, rich rainforests, and sweeping hinterland. When experienced from a birds-eye-perspective, the landscape’s striking patchwork of natural elements takes on a new significance. See for yourself with Elements AIR, the resort’s collection of aerial services.

Guests have the choice of three unique packages.

Byron Bay Coastal Scenic Helicopter Flights

The first is the Byron Bay Coastal Scenic Helicopter Flight. This unforgettable aerial experience begins right here, at Elements of Byron.

You and up to two other guests will soar over Byron Bay’s iconic lighthouse, perched above the jagged cliffs and bright blue ocean of Walgun (Cape Byron). You’ll then fly over picture-perfect Wategos beach, where panoramic views offer up unparalleled dolphin and whale sightings. Finally, you’ll trace the wild expanse of Tallows Beach and Broken Head, framed by lush green rainforest.

The experience takes a total of 1 hour, including 45 minutes flight time, and is available for a minimum of two and maximum of three people. The cost is $1200, including GST.

Byron Bay Headland

The Ultimate Picnic Experience

Explore the Byron Bay region’s diverse natural environment like never before – from the skies – with the second Elements AIR package.

The Ultimate Byron Experience’s first destination is Cape Byron and its iconic Lighthouse. While soaring over Cape Byron and the lighthouse, you’ll have the opportunity to take in the extensive stretch of beach and witness the majestic expanse of Tallow Beach and the hidden rainforest-rimmed coastal alcoves of Broken Head.

From there, the helicopter will fly west to meet the undulating waves of green rolling hills. You’ll get a birds eye view of the spectacular Minion Falls and Rocky Creek Dam.

This sets the mood for lunch. The helicopter will head inland, to a breathtaking location overlooking the Nimbin Rocks. You’ll enjoy a scenic champagne picnic lunch before a leisurely fight back to Elements of Byron for a relaxing afternoon swim.

This all-inclusive package allows you to dine on the best selection of produce that the local region has to offer. Select your preference from one of the two menu options and enjoy with a bottle of French Champagne.

The Ultimate Byron Experience takes approximately 3  hours, including 35 minutes of flight time. The cost is $1800, including GST, for two or three passengers.


A picnic table setting overlooking the hinterland

Airport Transfers

Skip the traffic and take flight with the third Elements AIR package. Available from both Gold Coast and Ballina airports, our door-to-door helicopter airport transfers guarantee you arrive at Elements in style.

Whether you’re heading north or south, the flight will give you a taste of Byron’s world-class beaches and hinterland scenery. From the helicopter, you’ll have the best seat in the house to soak up the stunning ocean views.

Each helicopter can accommodates up to 8 guests with overnight luggage. From the Gold Coast Airport, the cost is $1350 (inc GST) each way, with a flight time of 30 minutes. From the Ballina Airport, the cost is $900 (inc GST) each way, with a flight time of 20 minutes.

Note: group bookings are available for the Elements AIR aerial services upon request.

Please call Elements of Byron Reception on 02 6639 1500 for more details.

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