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Skydiving in Byron Bay

Jumping from plane over byron bay

Imagine flying through blue skies above unparalleled scenery, as an experienced instructor guides you through your first taste of skydiving in Byron Bay.

Skydiving is the ultimate airborne adventure and is the activity that tops many people’s bucket lists. This is hardly surprising; after all, where else could you experience the total freedom of flight?

We spoke with Joe Stein from Skydiving Byron Bay—an instructor with over 22 years’ experience—to get his expert opinion on skydiving in Byron Bay.

So, if you’re someone who says, “I always wanted to try skydiving, but…”, let’s discover how to turn that wish into a reality on your next visit.

Let’s go skydiving in Byron Bay.

The Thrill of Flight

There are few more logic defying acts than jumping out of a plane from 4km above the Earth. After freefalling for up to a minute, relief will no doubt greet your parachute’s arrival (tinged with disappointment that the freefall’s over!). Around seven minutes later, you’ll be back on terra firma, ready to do it all over again.

Joe calls skydiving a ‘unique human experience’. Arguably, its true uniqueness is born of, until recently, its impossibility. Skydiving is, in fact, an inhuman experience. Yet this previously impossible experience offers two incredible opportunities: an unparalleled freedom and the pure thrill of genuine flight.

From the moment you arrive to the moment you land, Joe tells us people experience sensory overload. Over his 22 years of tandem skydiving, supporting people through this emotional rollercoaster is one of the great joys of his work.

It’s a rollercoaster with a happy ending – he told us that most people will book their next skydive immediately after landing!

“You have to do this once in your life”, Joe tells us, though perhaps you really have to do it twice or three times!

Skydiving in Byron Bay

Byron Bay is blessed for many adventure activities – skydiving included.

In this coastal destination, we experience fine weather that allows for more days of skydiving per year than many other jump sites. Even in the peak of summer and winter, skydiving is a comfortable experience. As Joe says, “as long as there’s daylight, we can jump.”

Once airborne, the views are truly without equal. From Julian Rocks out in Cape Byron to Mount Warning and the Byron Bay hinterland—not to mention the idyllic beaches lining the coast—gazing down will be an endless feast for the eyes.

(It’s recommended that you choose the video option on your skydive – the sensory overload of the experience means you’re unlikely to remember much your first jump.)

Skydiving Byron Bay’s jump site is only a 15-minute drive from the centre of Byron Bay at the Tyagarah airfield. If the weather is good, they’ll be jumping – all you need to do is book your ‘unique human experience’.

To finish, we asked Joe what is the biggest lesson skydiving can offer us. “To learn to make fear your friend. To not ignore it. You’ll never forget or regret it.”

Alongside surfing, kayaking, diving and horse riding, add skydiving to your Byron Bay bucket list – it truly is the height of adventure!

Skydiving with parachute over Byron Bay

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